Fall Into Place: Perks of Buying or Selling a Home in the Fall

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Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and Labor Day has passed. In real estate, fall has a ton of overlooked benefits and perks. In fact, the fall season brings with it numerous homebuying and selling opportunities.

Fall Into Place
Fall is a great time for homebuyers. The busy summer market has quieted; many buyers have a goal of getting into their new home before the start of school. The back-to-school rush hurried folks into finding and buying their homes. Leaving plenty of homes on the market for fall, but the market is less saturated with buyers.

Homebuyers still searching for their home after summer often find a new motivation now that the summer vacations and travels are over with. It is often ideal for families to move before school begins, but if that wasn’t the case, moving during fall is the next best option. Homebuyers aren’t the only ones wanting to get things done by the end of the summer, sellers who wanted to wrap things up are more likely to offer up more bargaining power to you when negotiating.

Home for the Holidays
Autumn kicks off the start of the holiday season, and that’s a huge motivational factor for families. Wanting to be home and settled for the holidays is important to a lot of people— homebuying becomes a far more emotional decision. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are major holidays for families, and a big time of year for extended family to visit.

Holidays aren’t the only the reason people want to buy a home before the end of the year.

Homebuying Doesn’t Have To Be Taxing
Buying a home means additional tax breaks in the upcoming year. Taking advantage of tax breaks from home loans, mortgage interest and property tax deductions can help drive the decision to find a home before the year’s end.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold
Homebuying in the fall means for many that they are avoiding moving in hot summer sun or the frigid winter. Beating both the sweltering heat and frosty or freezing temperatures makes the move easier.

Fall is a wonderful time to buy or sell a house! Let us help you this fall!

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